Camp Ashraf

ELDH Letter to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees

ELDH recommends

  • that the UNHCR should reaffirm the refugee status of the inhabitants of Ashraf in order to give them a protective cover while they are still in Iraq and help the Member States in facilitating the implementation of arrangements for their transfer to third countries. It is to be expected that in accordance with its mandate in such situation, the UNHCR should make a group determination with regard to residents of Ashraf.
  • that the Iraqi government ceases its harassment of Iranian exiles living in Camp Ashraf, north of Baghdad, ensures that they have unhindered access to medical care and other humanitarian needs.
  • that the Iraqi government fully respects the human rights of the residents of Camp Ashraf, investigates the attacks on the camp by Iraqi security forces, and ensures that there is accountability for unlawful killings, torture and other violations.
  • that no action should be taken to return Camp Ashraf residents forcibly to Iran, where the organization fears many would be at grave risk of torture or other serious human rights violations on account of their association with the PMOI, which previously engaged in armed opposition to the Iranian government.

The full text of the letter (pdf-datafile)