ELDH Trial observation – Training/Workshop


ELDH Trial observation – Training/Workshop –

27th October 2012, 10h00 – 14h00 Bern (Switzerland)

Hotel Kreuz Bern AG, Zeughausgasse 41, Postfach, CH-3000 Bern 7

Tel. +41 (0)31 329 95 95, Fax +41 (0)31 329 95 96,

The training

The training is in particular for lawyers (and also human rights activists) who are interested to participate at a trial observation. It will impart the necessary and and useful knowledge for this purpose.

One of the next trial observations for which the training is organized is the so called KCK trial against 46 lawyers which started on 16th July 2012 in Istanbul and will be continued on 6th November 2012. In this trial 50 persons, among them 46 lawyers, are on trial for alleged membership in a terrorist organisation (PKK) or for  support of this organisation. It is the second mass trial in Istanbul within the so called ‘KCK operation’ of the Turkish Government. The first mass trial in Instanbul with 193 defendants started on 2nd July 2012. The mass trial against 35 journalists and media workers has started on 10thSeptember 2012. ELDH was represented by observers on all of theses three trials.



The ELDH President, Professor Bill Bowring, Barrister, International Secretary of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers will give an introduction and chair the discussion. Other colleagues will be present with experience in trial observation.

Themes of the training/workshop on trial observations among others (other suggestions are welcome):

•          general aim of trial observations

•          role of lawyers as observers at trial observations

•          preparation of a trial observation, precautions, cooperation with other lawyers and human rights organisations

•          which activities are possible and useful at the place of the trial

•          taking notes and pictures

•          which risks may be involved with trial observations

•          preparation of media work and public information: press releases, statements for politicians,

•          reports after the trial observation

•          contact with local lawyers (organisations), human rights organisations and politicians at the place of the trial

•          contact with judges, prosecutors, politicians, human rights organisations at the place of the trial


The training will probably be held in three languages (German, English, French). There will be translation German – French.


For accommodation you may ask

at the above mentioned hotel www.kreuzbern.ch (around 155 € per night, breakfast included), at one of the places in the following list of cheap accommodations


or any other place, i.e. www.booking.com

Our Swiss member association DJS-JDS has also made some reservations in cheap accommodations (for around 40 € per night in two or three bed rooms). If you are interested please ask Simone Rebmann .


Participation at the workshop is free. Food, drinks, accommodation and travel expenditures have to be paid by the participants themselves.

Registration is necessary. Please send an email with your name, address and profession to or . Without registration participation cannot be assured.