Mass trials against lawyers in Turkey going on

KCK Lawyers Trial, next hearing on 22nd October 2015, in Istanbul

In November 2011, 46 lawyers were arrested in simultaneous police raids in many Turkish cities as part of the so-called KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) operations, anti-terror operations that have seen over 8.000 journalists, trade unionists, politicians, deputies, local coucillors and mayors arrested since 2009. All of the lawyers had, at various times, worked as legal representatives for Abdullah Ocalan, and the charges accuse them of acting as ‘mediators’ for the Kurdish leader, passing on information and orders, and being part of the strategy and management of an illegal organisation.

The first hearing took place on 20th July 2012.


ÇHD Lawyers Trial, next hearing on 25th November 2015 in Istanbul

In the second mass trial 22 lawyers, all of them leading members of the ELDH member organisation ÇHD are accused of alleged membership or support of

Beginning at 4:00 am on 18 January 2013, ÇHD’s Istanbul and Ankara branch offices were raided by Turkish police, in violation of Article 118 of the Turkish Criminal Procedure Code Number 5271. The People’s Law Office (an independent law firm defending the basic rights of the oppressed) and many lawyers’ homes were also raided.  Searches and detentions began at 04.00 AM.

15 lawyers, all members of ÇHD, were arrested and taken into custody.  These included ÇHD Istanbul Branch President Taylan Tanay, ÇHD Ankara Branch Executive N.Betül Vangölü Kozağaçlı, and executives Güçlü Sevimli, Güray Dağ, Gülvin Aydın, former ÇHD branch Efkan Bolaç and ÇHD members Ebru Timtik, Barkın Timtik, Naciye Demir, Günay Dağ and Şükriye Erden. Later the arrest of 7 other lawyers followed, among them the arrest of the ÇHD President Selçuk KOZAĞAÇLI.

On 24, 25 and 26 December 2013 the trial was opened with the hearing of the 22 defendants.


Together with many lawyers from Europe and outside Europe ELDH is observing these trials. The observations led to the conclusions the trials are politically motivated which do not comply with Turkish, European and international law.