ELDH Statement

ELDH expresses deep concern at the humanitarian crisis which is taking place in Syria as a  result of the four and  half  year internal armed conflict, exacerbated by foreign interventions .

We support the struggle of the Syrian people against ISIS, Al Nusra and all foreign interventions, none of which are in the interests of the Syrian people.  As a result of such interventions Syria could suffer the fate suffered by  Libya and Iraq following “regime change”. Foreign military intervention cannot contribute to a solution of the conflict, but will only escalate it. It has no justification in international law,  and has not even been authorized by  the UN Security Council.

We insist on Syria’s integrity and sovereignty, and the right of its people to defend the country against foreign intervention.

We are aware that the human rights situation before the start of the armed conflict was not acceptable. However this should never be a pretext for foreign intervention and the demolition of much of the country. We insist that only the Syrian people have the right to appoint or change their government, without foreign interventions. We strongly support a democratic, independent Syria which will secure the basic rights of all the people who live there, including the minorities. We support the struggle of the Syrian people for democracy, and for their  liberation  from  occupation by “Islamic State” (ISIS), and for an end to foreign intervention. We call for the end of the proxy wars in  Syria, in favour of a democratic alternative for Syria and for all peoples of the Middle East, including, if the Syrian people themselves so desire, a  federal political system.

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