Migrants outlawed – International Conference

International Conference SAF / AED on the 23rd and 24th of September 2016, Lille (France) – UNIVERSITÉ DE DROIT ET DE LA SANTÉ • AMPHI RENÉ CASSIN 1, PLACE DELIOT – LILLE • MÉTRO PORTE DE DOUAI

Every year, the SAF (Union of French Lawyers) organizes a symposium on a theme regarding migrants’ rights. Faced with the accelerated degradation of the situation of migrants in Europe, this year a major European conference has been organized in collaboration with the Association of European Democratic Lawyers.

What are the rights of migrants? What are the legal and social conditions at the gates of Europe? How to ensure that they can effectively assert their rights, file asylum applications or receive respectful conditions of accommodation, which conform to European standards of minimum guarantees for hosting asylum seekers?

The interventions of European lawyers, and the discussions that follow, will attempt to answer these questions while analysing various situations in Europe, particularly in Calais, Spain, Greece, Italy and, of course, in Turkey. This will enable participants to acquire the legal tools and knowledge of the concrete situations of migrants with the aim of improving their defence.

Simultaneous translation French – English will be available

ELDH is supporting this conference and will be represented at the round table discussion.

The programme in French