Freedom of expression – solidarity with Charlotte Kates

The arrest, detention and charge of Ms. Kates, is a clear example of the ongoing  criminalisation of those who choose to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian  people in their struggle for self-determination and against Israeli occupation, apartheid and  genocide

Ms. Kates, who is also the International Coordinator for the Palestinian prisoner solidarity  network Samidoun, was apprehended in Vancouver while commuting home after having participated in the  establishment of a Palestine solidarity encampment at the University of British Columbia. She was subsequently charged with “public incitement of hatred” and “wilful promotion of  hatred” for a speech she delivered on 26 April.  

Detaining and charging Ms. Kates for voicing her support to the legally acknowledged resistance against occupation, is a violation of her right to freedom of speech. Moreover, the conditions attached to her bail  which prevent her from attending rallies, demonstrations or assemblies until her next court  appearance are forms of unacceptable prior restraint.  

Based on this:

•          ELDH  demands for the Canadian authorities to drop the charges against Ms. Kates  and to stop the criminalization and persecution of those who stand in solidarity  with Palestine.

•          ELDH condemns the attacks on the freedom of expression and freedom of association in the US and in many countries through  the instrumentalisation  of the necessary  fight against antisemitism when denouncing the Israeli army crimes against humanity.

•          We express our solidarity with Charlotte Kates and our IADL and NLG comrades.

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