Rules for the payment of membership fees to ELDH

1. The members of the ELDH will transfer their annual membership fee to the following bank account of  the ELDH:

owner of the account: EJDM e.V.,
bank: Postbank AG, Dortmund,
IBAN: DE78 4401 0046 0334 6974 62

2. The first membership fee will be payable three month after joining the organization. Thereafter membership fees will be payable in the first three month of each calendar year.

3. For organizations, the level of membership fee will depend on the financial resources of the organization

The following categories of membership fee can foreseen:

  • Member organizations with low income: 500 EUR per year
  • Member organizations with a moderate income: 1.000 EUR per year
  • Member organizations with high income: 2.000 EUR per year

Upon joining the Association the member organizations will tell the General Assembly in which category they wish to belong. Every two years, at the ordinary General Assembly it will be possible for the member organizations to change the category in which they belong and to let this be confirmed by the General Assembly in the event of important change in their financial situation.

4. For individual persons, the membership fee will be 75 EUR per year.

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