Violation of Human Rights in Catalonia in the frame of the political conflict

Conference (only languages Spanish, Catalan) Paranimf de l’Edifici històric de la Universitat de Barcelona Preu inscripció 25€ (inclou pausa cafè i dinar)   supported by ELDH

Programme (programme in Spanish and Catalan)

9 – 10.30 h

The legal context: When the pillars of the rule of law collapse

Round Table – Chair: Benet Salellas

Ana Stanic, London-based Slovene lawyer, specialist in international law

Iñaki Lasagabaster, Professor of Administrative Law at the UPV/EHU

Guillem Soler, judge and member of the Àgora Judicial association

COFFEE BREAK 10.30 to 11 h

11 – 14 h

Respect for human rights as a fundament of the rule of law: the crisis of fundamental rights in Catalonia

Round Table – Chair: Mercè Barceló and Carles Perdiguero

Josep Casadevall, former judge of the ECHR

Freedom of expression and its limits in ECHR jurisprudence


Joan Queralt, Professor of Criminal Law (UB)

The right to dissent: the danger of demonstrating on the 1-O


Mariona Llobet, Lecturer in Criminal Law (UPF)

The tension between the exercise of the rights of assembly and expression and hate crimes


Francina Esteve, Lecturer in International Law (UdG)

Defending human rights before the ECHR



16 – 17.30 h

Construction of the legal narrative in the media

Round Table – Chair: TBD

Patrícia López, journalist, Público

Beatriz Talegón, Opinion Editor, Diario 16

Guest speaker TBD

17.30 – 19 h

The political offence in the Spanish and comparative contexts

Round Table – Chair: Robert Sabata

Neus Torbisco, Lecturer in Philosophy of Law at the UPF and member of the legal team of Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart

Christophe Marchand, lawyer of Antoni Comín and Meritxell Serret in Belgium.

Olivier Peter, lawyer of Anna Gabriel

Gonzalo Boye, lawyer of Meritxell Serret and Antoni Comín and advisor to the exiles