Turkey and the ECtHR: (In)effective Remedies from Strasbourg

Turkey and the ECtHR: (In)effective Remedies from Strasbourg
Report of the Conference held on 5 March 2018

Table of contents
Conference sponsors
Conference programme

  1. Panelists
  2. Opening keynote and introduction
  3. Panel I: “Does the court provide an effective remedy to the citizens of turkey in applications concerning the events relating to the attempted coup and the subsequent declaration of a state of emergency?”
  4. Riza Türmen
  5. Michael o’Boyle
  6. Başak Çali
  7. Panel II: “Should the court adopt a different approach, and if so, what should it be?”
  8. Francoise Hampson
  9. Question and answers
  10. Question one: fulfilment of the exhaustion principle
  11. Question two: rule 39 interim measure applicability
  12. Question three: possibility of interstate cases particularly e.G. In relation to refugees
  13. Question four: turkish legal procedure
  14. Question five: turkish disregard of court judgements
  15. Question six: likelihood of interstate cases
  16. Question seven: pace and ngo mobilization
  17. Question eight: the ECTJR’s role in ongoing violations of human rights
  18. Question eight: foreign involvement and assistance
  19. Closing remarks: Tony Fisher
  20. Annex 1: postscript on the altan and alpay judgements

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