Appeal for donations:For lawyers who were victims of the earthquake in Izmir

On October 30, a severe earthquake hit the Turkish metropolis of Izmir. Over 2,000 buildings were either destroyed or damaged. 14 people lost their lives, including 3 lawyers*, more than 1,000 were injured. Temporary shelters were needed for over 6,000 people.

Most of the destruction took place in the Bayrakli district, where the court building and hundreds of lawyers’ offices are located. According to the Bar Association, the earthquake destroyed or damaged the private homes and offices of thousands of lawyers. The offices became unusable as a result. Many of their files still lie unde the debris.

The Izmir Bar Association has therefore called for donations to establish temporary offices for the affected lawyers and to provide them with the most necessary support. This appeal for donations is also supported by the two member organizations of the ELDH in Turkey, the ÇHD and the ÖHD.

The donation can be transferred either directly to the EURO, USD, or GBP account of the Izmir Bar Foundation (see attached poster) or to the account of the ELDH (see below). The total amount received by ELDH will then be forwarded to the account of the Foundation of the Izmir Bar Association.

Account holder : EJDM e.V.
Subject : Donation Izmir Bar Association, earthquake victims
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